Farm Produce and Poultry

Welcome to our farm produce page.

farm produce in basketWe will be creating a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) service in 2015.  The service will include weekly or monthly  home delivery in the Port Townsend/Chimacum area or pick up at the Port Townsend Farmers Market.  Monthly fees will be for a $25 box, a $50 box or a $75 box or more.  Anyone can buy from us from our farmers market booth.

We will let subscibers know ahead of time what is available and let you pick what you want to buy.

We are not quite ready to sell eggs, chicken fryers and turkeys, but hope to have that project off the ground in the summer of 2015.


 Throughout the season we will have the following produce available:

Beans- green

Broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and cabbagesquash mandala 2014-2

Lettuce and salad greens

Chard and Bok Choy


Tomatoes: slicing, cherry and canning

Garlic:  hardneck, softneck and Elephant

Culinary Herbs – fresh (when in season) and dried: basil, caraway, chives, cilantro, cayenne, dill, fennel, horseradish, marjoram, mint,  mustard, oregano, parsely rosemary, sage, summer savory,  tarragon, thyme

Herb teas: Tulsi (Holy Basil), Lemon Balm, Spearmint, Peppermint, chamomile, hopsHeirloom tomatoes

Squash: winter and summer varieities

Peppers:  spicy, hot or bell

Carrots: several varieties and colors

Cucmbers: slicing, lemon and pickling

Onions and shallotsshallots

Medicinal herbs:  please see our page on this website for list of medicinal herbs available.


cucumber on vine




hardneck garlicsoftneck garlic

Elephant garlic