Spring 2017 plantings at the farm

Spring 2017 plantings at the farm

Eaglemount farm is busy, busy, busy.  We have been planting seed flats of our new line of culinary and medicinal plants. We’ve added plants from around the world and feature the traditions of India (Ayurvedic) and Chinese herbs as well as many favorites of the Western tradition of herbal medicine. Our favorite new medicinal herbs are Shatavari, Ashwaghanda, Schisandra (Wu-we-zi) and Rhodiola.

We will have plants available later in the season and dried and fresh herbs still later.

We have a whole line of traditional culinary plants such as oregano, marjoram, cilantro, sage, basil, bay leaf, thyme and rosemary. We have another 20 culinary herb plants started that are sought after my chefs everywhere. Ellen is developing a poultry seasoning spice and will also be creating a herbs for chickens blend.

Native and wild plants – We have started a new batch of the very popular native blue elderberry and also have started Hawthorne, hazelnuts, and native lupines.

For more about our current plant offerings go to the following links

Ellen is the current co-facilitator of the Herbalist Guild of Jefferson County and there will be several classes offered through the guild to teach about plant propagation, botany, herbalism and foraging the wild places.

Here is a link to the facebook page for the local herbalist guild where you can learn more.

We added chickens to our farm for the wonderful pest control they offer. Our chickens are free-range and happy. In exchange we get eggs and fertilizer.


Lucy, our 2 year old Australian Shepard gave birth to 10 – that’s right -10 puppies on Thanksgiving day and we have had a few adventures since that wonderous day. We found a home for every puppy (most are on farms within 10 miles of us). We kept one little female and named her Thunder (she has lots of energy!) Our old dog Dixie (age 17) is still with us but moving real slow. She and the puppy are the best of friends and sleep together every night. Dixie makes a good grandma.

Thunder bottom

We don’t use chemicals or synthetic fertilizers on our farm. We provide habitat for bees, wildlife, dragonflies, frogs and other wild creatures. Our plants are vital and loved.

Eaglemount Broandband – connecting the farmers in our areas

Norm and I and several other local farmers and country folk have started the process of installing a locally owned and operated internet service.

Internet service in our area is provided by Centurylink it is not available half the time. Reasons?  Bandwidth exhaustion.  Centurylink oversells the bandwidth and limits it to existing customers causing endless issues for local people and their businesses.

The solution is the same for several other rural neighborhoods in our part of the world. Start our own internet service using hotspots, repeaters and other finagling of available bandwidth. People on Marrowstone Island and Orcas Island have even climbed the tallest trees to install repeaters. We may have to do that here too.

The name of our locally owned ISP is Eaglemount Broadband. There’s a nifty website explaining it all.  Wish us luck.

Please support us this season. We are going to do our best to create really good food, herbs, native plants, orchard trees and lots of love for our community.