About the dream: Eaglemount Farms

About the dream: Eaglemount Farms

farm tractor with mulleinEaglemount Farms is a 12 acre farm located on the Chimacum creek near the town of Chimacum, Washington and the Olympic National Forest.  The creek is prime wild salmon habitat.

The farm was used to grow hay for many years and is now being re-established as a multi-use organic/bio-dynamic farm.  We are in the process of removing hay fields using permaculture techniques.  Low tillage, no-chemical approaches are helping to protect the diverse wildlife present on this farm.

Our plan is to start raising berries (blueberries, strawberries, huckleberries, Logan berries, mulberries, and Marion berries.  Herbs: both medicinal and culinary, native plants, produce, dryland beans and grains and a cooperative spirit.

The human community shares the farm with amphibians such as endangered frogs and toads, salamanders, dragonflies, fish, bears and other larger creatures.  We also have a multitude of wild birds including:  Eagles, geese, wild ducks  hawks, owls, finches, turtle doves, and many smaller bird tribes.

The farm is in the process of creating a cooperative agreement with several sustainable farming and wildlife conservation groups. pollinator habitat signWe are a designated Pollinator Protection Farm  (Xerces Society and Endangered Species Chocolate designation June 2014).  We are in partnership with the North Olympic Salmon Coalition to restore Chimacum Creek to prime salmon habitat.  This will entail removing Reed Canary Grass from the creek and replanting with native plants.  The plants which follow the design of the Xerces Society will bloom from early spring to late fall and are part of our plant to create a pollinator pathway on our farm. Each field will be planted with pollinator pathways and we are using buckwheat as a prime plant to smoother hay grass and prepare the land for farming or habitat restoration.

We hope that our efforts will show other farms and land owners how to steward the land while farming it. We hope to show others how to live in harmony with the beautiful creatures who live here. We hope to have berries, plants, herbs and other plants ready to sell in 2015. Please support us as we grow our dream.  – Ellen and Norm